We’ve put together some frequently asked questions with more information about Ski Club Travel Insurance and the cover we offer.

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Does my Fogg Medi-card remain valid if my annual travel insurance policy is cancelled, either by myself, or the insurers (e.g. due to a change in medical conditions)?

No, your Fogg Medi-card will no longer be valid if your annual travel insurance policy is cancelled for any reason.

What do I do if I have an emergency and need medical assistance while I'm on holiday?

Call Emergency Assistance Facilities 24 hr helpline on 02038 296 745.

Which winter sports are covered?

A full list of the winter sports covered are available by clicking on our Sports & Activity Packs page.

How many days will I be covered to do winter sports?

You will be covered for taking part in winter sports activities for up to 24 days in total on our policies. However if you have Ski Club Platinum membership the travel insurance included will give you 45 days in total within the 12 month policy, provided a wintersports holiday is no longer than 24 days.

Single trip policies allow for winter sports activities for the whole period of the policy.

What can I do to protect my skis when I stop for a break on the slope so that they are still covered by Ski Club Insurance?

You should always ensure that you take care of your personal possessions including ski gear. If you stop on the mountain we would recommend that you keep your skis or board in your line of vision and swap one of your skis with a companion. You can also use ski locks or where available ski lockers.

Is there cover under the policy for any other leisure or sports activities I may participate in during my trip?

Yes, a full range of additional activities are available by selecting the appropriate sports and activity pack, these can be added online at the ‘options’ stage in the checkout.

If someone in our party is taken ill before we travel and we cancel the trip can we claim for the cost of the holiday?

In circumstances where it is necessary and unavoidable that the rest of the party travelling together cancel the trip, the insurers will pay for accommodation and transport charges that cannot be recovered from anywhere else for the members of the party insured on a Ski Club Travel Insurance policy.

Will the policy pay if I need to be air lifted off a mountain?

Yes if you are injured or have an accident the policy will cover the reasonable cost of medically necessary mountain rescue services.

If I've already left the UK or Ireland can I still buy a Ski Club Travel Insurance policy?

No, the Ski Club Travel Insurance policy would not be valid if you have already left your home country. If your annual policy is due to expire while you are away you should ensure you renew the policy before the start of your trip.

Is there cover for any medical treatment on return home?

If you suffer an accidental injury while you are on your trip as a direct result of an insured incident, you can claim up to £500 in total on Ski Club Platinum policy and £250 in total on Ski Club Gold policy for physiotherapy after you return home.

Can I travel independently of my partner under a ‘Family policy'?

Yes. Multi-trip policies cover for families (which includes a couple with or without children) allows either of the adults covered under the policy to travel either together or separately.

We are planning to spend a season skiing this year, is it possible to buy a Ski Club Travel Insurance policy which will cover this?

Yes. Provided you are aged 64 or under, you can buy a single trip policy for up to 365 days.

Is it possible to upgrade my policy for a higher category of hazardous sports and leisure activities or for a different country or area?

If you wish to do this on an existing policy, please contact Customer Services on 0300 303 2610. Please note that if this applies to an annual policy, it is not possible to just upgrade for one trip or one individual - the whole policy will need to be upgraded

What is meant by public hospital benefit?

This is a benefit payable to you of £30 a day on Ski Club Gold policies (to a maximum of £600) and £50 a day on Ski Club Platinum policies (to a maximum of £1,000) if you are hospitalised in a public facility on your trip. It is used to offset costs for things such as telephone calls, television rental, magazines etc.

Can children in full time education be covered under a ‘Family annual policy'?

Yes. Children under 18, living at home and in full-time education on the date that cover commences, are covered FREE under our Family policy. However, if you have a Ski Club Platinum Family membership your travel insurance policy will cover children up to the age of 24 free.

I am not a Ski Club member, can I buy Ski Club Travel Insurance?

Yes you can buy a Ski Club Travel Insurance policy, however Ski Club members do receive a 15% discount on all travel insurance policies.

Find out more about Ski Club Membership.

Is it possible to increase the limits of cover for my personal possessions or ski equipment?

The individual section limits are specific to the level of cover selected. If you need limits higher than out Platinum cover, we recommend you contact your Household insurers and extend your policy accordingly.

Can I buy a Ski Club Travel Insurance policy if I do not live in the UK, Channel Islands or Isle of Man?

Ski Club Travel Insurance can only cover people who have their main home in the United Kingdom or the Channel Islands and who have not spent more than six months abroad in the year before buying the policy.

What are the age limits under the single trip or multi trip policies you offer?

We will cover any one up to the age of 85 on a single trip policy and anyone up to the age of 75 on a multi-trip policy.

What's the EHIC?

The European Health Insurance Card (EHIC) entitles you to reduced cost, sometimes free, medical treatment that becomes necessary when travelling to these countries. Remember, this might not cover all the things you'd expect to get free of charge from the NHS in the UK. For further information on EHIC, eligibility and to apply for a card online see www.ehic.org.uk or phone 0300 330 1350. The EHIC usually covers in-patient hospital costs in the EEA but it isn't going to get you home. The EHIC doesn't cover any additional costs such as rescue, accommodation or new flights, plus in some countries you would still have to pay for a percentage of medical bills.

What is an existing medical condition?

An existing medical condition is a medical condition, serious or recurring, which has previously been diagnosed, investigated or treated in any way, at any time prior to you travelling, even if the condition is currently considered to be stable and under control by the use of drugs. To ensure you are fully covered, you should always declare all of your conditions to us when you purchase a policy, either via our online medical screening system or by calling our customer service centre. If there are any changes in your health or medication during the life of your policy, you will need to tell us about these changes.

Is it possible to include cover for an existing medical condition?

you can declare all of your medical conditions and screen them online. We will then be able to tell you what cover is available for them. Please note, we will only cover medical conditions that have been declared to us and been accepted by us in writing.

I want to cancel my policy, what should I do?

If after reading the policy booklet, this insurance does not meet with your requirements, you can cancel this policy within 14 days from the date you receive the policy wording and policy schedule. We will then refund your premium in full. We will not refund your premium after the 14 day period. If during this 14 day period you have travelled, made a claim or intend to make a claim then we can recover all costs that you have used for those services.

If you want to cancel your policy, you should contact Customer Services on 0300 303 2610.

How do I make a claim under my policy?

Click here to visit our Claims page for more information.

Do I need to wear a helmet when participating in wintersports to be covered by Ski Club Insurance?

With Ski Club insurance there is no requirement to wear a helmet, however, those insured should not expose themselves to unnecessary danger and should act as if they were not insured. The Ski Club believes that it’s ultimately up to the individual to decide whether or not to wear a helmet. However, we recommend that all children under 14 years of age wear a helmet when skiing or snowboarding. It is a legal requirement for children to wear a helmet in some resorts and countries, and in some cases it’s also compulsory for adults to wear a helmet in certain specified areas of the mountain such as advanced terrain parks.
Some ski schools and lift companies require children to wear ski helmets.

Is there an age limit that applies to the activity packs 2-6?

The age limits that apply to all activity packs are the same as for the Ski Club insurance policies, however, parents should ensure that children are supervised by an appropriate adult and are adequately experienced to safely participate in the wintersports they undertake.

If I join as a Ski Club Platinum member, what do I receive as proof of being insured, should I require such proof when on holiday?

The email a Platinum Member receives confirming their membership is also proof of insurance. The email contains a link to the Platinum Membership policy wording. If you need to make a claim or call the emergency assistance team you should quote your ski club membership number. Those covered by the Platinum Membership policy are those listed on the Club’s membership record for you.

Single Trip

What is the maximum age you cover under a Single Trip policy?

We are able to provide single trip insurance including winter sports cover up to 85 years old.

What is the maximum duration can I travel on a Single Trip policy for?

If you are aged 64 or under, you are able to travel on a single trip policy up to a maximum of 365 days in total.


What is the maximum age for a Multi Trip policy?

We are able to provide multi trip insurance including winter sports cover up to 75 years old.

How long can I travel on a Multi Trip policy for?

On our multi trip policies we offer customers cover for unlimited trips in a 12 month period, as long as each trip does not exceed 31 days and the maximum total number of days for winter sports is 24 days in a 12 month period

I have a Family Multi Trip policy, can the adults travel separately?

Yes, adults listed on a family (or couple’s) policy can travel independently of each other. However, any children travelling must be accompanied by an adult named on the policy.

Does a yearly Multi Trip policy automatically renew?

We will not automatically renew your multi trip policy. Notices are sent approximately 2 weeks before the policy is due to finish. It is important to remember that if you choose not to purchase a new policy, any subsequent trips after the end date of your policy will not be covered.

Can I upgrade my policy to include worldwide cover?

Yes, the policy can be upgraded any time to a higher rated area such as increasing cover from Europe to Worldwide cover.

Do I need to inform you every time I travel?

No, there is no need to inform us of your travel plans before every trip.

Since purchasing the policy, my medical conditions/medication has changed, do I need to tell you?

Yes, you will need to inform us of any changes to your medicines, any new medical conditions, as well as any hospital/doctors tests and visits throughout the term of your policy.

This is to ensure that we have your up to date medical information on file, but also to protect you in the event of needing medical assistance whilst abroad and/or needing to make a claim.

*Ski Club members save 15% on all travel insurance policies compared to non-members.

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